Memory Usage in Outlook 2010



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    Ryk Edelstein

    I am seeing the same behaviour, but far worse. I have to close out Outlook when I go for lunch or each evening. Otherwise Outlook will take up to 15 minutes to open and runs like crap. 


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    The absolute same issue here: Outlook memory usage goes up over time, so does CPU usage ... the weird thing: task manager does not show the process that is eating up the CPU time (sum of processes shown active does not add up to total CPU utilization). Notbook slows down severely over time (continuous swapping). Restart of Outlook is not sufficient. Only restart of Windoes.

    Config: Windows 7, Outlook 2010 14.0.6112.5000 (32-bit), Xobni Pro 2.0.3 (build 13734).

    Please urgently advise. This renders Xobni unusable.

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    Same problem here. I've used InspectorX to repair my inbox and PST's and this slightly improved memory usaged. Still without Xobni Outlook runs on around 70MB Ram. With Xobni installed this is at leas 270MB.

    Altough I really like the features, aspecially xobni pro, this issue has me seriously considering to quit using Xobni.

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    Ryk Edelstein

    I think I hit a new record today. I forgot to shut down Outlook last night, and when I came in this morning I had 2 Gig of memory consumed by Outlook. I will be de-installing Outlook Pro. What a shame, as I truly love this product, but hate what it has done to my computer. 

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    Knut Külsen

    Same here! :-(

    Each time I change to another Mail, the CPU usage increase to nearly 30%!

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    Michael Turner

    I've had the same problems - I finally uninstalled Xobni after I couldn't keep Outlook from using less than 350MB of memory.

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