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I've installed Xobni and it has completed indexing, but not all of my emails are showing up in the Xobni panel. How can I fix this?

Xobni Support
posted this on February 13, 2011, 21:51

When you first install Xobni, it creates an initial index of your most recent emails and contacts, but it is programmed to stop after a reasonable period of time so that you can start using it to manage your email. If you have large email archives, or if some of your email is located on an IMAP server, it may not be able to index all your data in that time period, so it then waits until you're not using your computer for a while to index the remaining data.

The first thing to do is just hit 'Index Outlook Mail' in the Xobni menu and run out for lunch or a meeting -- when you come back, most of your information should be indexed. If you have big email archives, it might be worth it to leave your computer on overnight -- everything should be indexed by morning.

By default, Xobni does not index the 'Deleted Items' and 'Junk Email'. You can change this setting by going to Xobni menu > Options > Folders tab. Expand the folder tree and select the folders you wish to be indexed. Xobni does not index 'Public' or delegated folders. Please keep in mind that any changes to the Indexing Options tab do not occur until you select 'Index Outlook Mail' from the Xobni menu, or until the next automatic indexing completes (this typically happens once per day by default).

If you have run 'Index Outlook Mail' and your are still unable to find all your mail messages, your data files may have become corrupt or otherwise inaccessible. To start troubleshooting, please follow the steps below


1. Make sure all email items get fully downloaded:

If you use IMAP, make sure to set IMAP setttings to “Download complete item including attachments”. You can change these default settings in your Send/Receive settings. See this article for details:

If you use Exchange, enable Cached Mode:

2. To eliminate COMexception errors, please repair Microsoft Office by following the instructions in this KB article:

3. Repair the Outlook data files AND clear the Xobni data files by following all the steps in this KB article:

4. Repair the mapi32.dll, which Xobni relies on in order to index Outlook data. Please follow the steps outlined here:

5. There may be a conflict with another COM add-in. Please disable all add-ins other than Xobni and see if the problem persists. For instructions please refer to this step:

If these steps do not fix your problem, please run an InspectorX report and upload to your ticket (or create a ticket first), describing what you did and the results.


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