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What is Cached Exchange Mode and why do I need it?

Xobni Support
posted this on February 13, 2011, 21:51

If you are not using an Exchange Server to send and receive mail, you can disregard this article.


Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) is an Outlook setting that allows you to work with your Exchange mail even if you're not online. Mailbox data is downloaded to a local "offline folder file" (referred to as an .OST file), which offers higher performance. 

If caching is disabled, Outlook has to access the Exchange server every time a mail item is accessed, causing heavy network traffic during indexing.

Xobni may be unable to index your mail data if cached mode is not enabled.


How do I enable Cached Exchange Mode?

Outlook 2003

  1. Click Tools Menu -> Email Accounts
  2. From there you can choose "View or change existing account", 
  3. Select your Exchange account and then 'Change'. 
  4. Make sure the check box for "Cached Exchange Mode" is checked.
  5. Restart Outlook


Outlook 2007

  1. Click Tools Menu -> Account Settings
  2. In the Account Settings Window make sure the 'Email' tab is selected
  3. Double click the email account you want to change. 
  4. Make sure the check box for "Use Cached Exchange Mode" is checked.
  5. Restart Outlook

Outlook 2010

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.
    Account Settings in the Backstage view
  3. On the E-mail tab, click the Exchange account, and then click Change.
  4. Under Microsoft Exchange server, select or clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box.
    Use Cached Exchange Mode check box
  5. Restart Microsoft Outlook 2010.


CEM Notes

When you are using Cached Exchange Mode, an e-mail message may remain in the outbox for up to one minute until the next synchronization with the server that runs Exchange occurs. If you want to send the message immediately, do the following:

  • On the Send/Receive tab, in the Send & Receive group, click Send All.
    Send & Receive group in the ribbon

Why am I unable to change the Cached Exchange Mode setting?

There may be times when you are not able to change this setting. If the box appears grayed out, the setting is likely controlled by a group policy and you will need to contact your Exchange Administrator for assistance. If the option for "Cached Exchange Mode" is not present at all, you are not running an Exchange Mail account and this article is not relevant to your configuration.

If Xobni is incorrectly detecting that your system is not using Cached Exchange Mode, please contact Xobni Support.

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