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How do I configure IMAP to work with Xobni indexing in Outlook?

Eirik Oeyo
posted this on December 30, 2011, 14:03

Make sure to set IMAP setttings to “Download complete item including attachments”. If this is not configured correctly you may see the "Message body unavailable" or "Empty". You can change the default settings in your Send/Receive settings:

1. Edit the Send/Receive settings

Press CTRL+ALT+S and select the Edit… button.

Another way of reaching this dialog is via:

Outlook 2007 and previous

Tools-> Options…-> tab Mail Setup-> button Send/Receive…-> Edit…

Outlook 2010
File-> section Options-> section Advanced-> button Send/Receive…-> Edit…

If you have multiple accounts configured, select your IMAP account in the left column.


2. Configure download behavior

How to configure the download behavior depends on your version of Outlook and your desired settings.

Outlook 2003 and previous

In the Folder Options section, select a folder and change the option from from “Download headers only” to “Download complete item including attachments”. You’ll have to do this for each individual folder; there is no way to change this for all folders at once.

Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

Under “Receive mail items” you can change the download method for all folders at once. If you want to control it on a per-folder basis, then you’ll have to select the option “Use the custom behavior defined below”.

3. Re-index Xobni 

Select Xobni > Index Outlook Mail.

If this does not resolve it, of if you're not using IMAP, please repair your Outlook data files and clear the Xobni index.

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